I Do

Today: Wayne and I have been married 38 years today. Just that is enough to celebrate, but this week has been filled with mile markers along our life-long partnership.

This week: On Wednesday, Wayne was installed as Provost over Trinity International University, our alma mater. On the same day, our youngest daughter, Hope, started her journey at our University’s seminary, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, to pursue a calling into mental-health counseling.

This month: My 94-year old Aunt Lucille, thanks to the care-giving of our daughter Heather, stayed with us for a few weeks before returning to Toledo. Heather is working remotely on her Masters of Library and Information Science while caring for Lucille 24/7.

This year: Our son, H. Benjamin, found the love of his life and married Hayley. Hayley, a beautiful woman of strength, faith and character, is working on her Masters Degree in Technology and Math while teaching full-time.

It is good, every once and a while, to stop along the mile markers to gain some good-old-fashioned, “It’s a Wonderful Life” perspective. When Wayne asked for my hand in marriage, my father asked me if I was called to be a Pastor’s wife. “I don’t know if I’m called to be a Pastor’s wife, but I do know I’m called to be Wayne’s wife.” Thank you, Wayne, for 38 years of life together in partnership in Christ.