Rewriting Assumptions

The night my daughter Hannah was born with Down syndrome, my perceptions and  presumptions of the differently-abled were fundamentally changed.  What began as a personal discovery, understanding Hannah’s inherent beauty and potential, propelled me into a role of advocacy.

That role, motivated from a mother’s love, grew into compassion and concern for others facing disparity in life choices.  I was compelled to do more.  I envisioned creative solutions, removed barriers, and created programs in partnership with local government agencies and churches.  In my pursuit to influence and promote the flourishing of the differently-abled, I pursued a BA in Business Administration specializing in Not-For-Profit Administration.

Rewritten assumptions create contagious content often inspiring others into courageous acts.  We can envision and realize a better, more equitable world for our sons and daughters by sharing their stories and advocating with authentic voices.  We can make it a better world for them because they have made a much better world for all of us.